At a Loss for Words

We try and tackle words to the disadvantage of everyone. Oh, Babel, Babel.

For instance, if I were praying now, and felt God press upon me, “come find me.” And I so happened to post that or tell someone. I most likely would come across some that are so invested in word play, they no longer can read beyond it.

They for example would take my use of “find”, and then twist it into a plethora of meanings and doctrinal creeds. Trying to fit it all into a theological framework.

Over a word.

The same can go for my blog title:

“Lost and found at the same damn time.”

My fellow indoctrinated would toy with that saying and try to make it as literal as their minds perceive it, from within their religious framework or thinking.

Could they see the paradox of life within it? The reality behind such a thing? Or would they try to complicate it and place it within their teachings and doctrines?

“How can she be lost AND found?” I can hear some snear.

“This is so unbiblical!” Some might protest.

But I suggest this is realler than the either or’s we try to adhere to.

And it speaks of much deeper things, to me, than what it may look like within one’s own mind.

We all probably can relate to this.

Being misunderstood, simply for using the wrong words. For using them maybe poetically, or symbolically, metaphorically, or with images. Personifing them..whatever.

My point being, if we are honest. We don’t have a clue what another truly is saying until we take the time to learn their language. Q

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