Who is Doing the Seeing?

“When we see things in an intuitive way, in conscious union with the eyes of God, what we see is qualitatively different. Basically, it is no longer self-referential but very expansive seeing, and this changes everything….

Many see a supposedly good “new thing” but still in an old way, which is to say, with their old self, from the egoic position of self-advantage and self-importance. So the new thing is never really new; it is still “all about me”. If the supposedly new thing has not been able to change my old self, others will rightly ask why it would change the world or why they should believe it is true. Why should anybody believe you? Yet so many did believe the new self Francis and Clare exhibited. The self they became was humanly believable and beautiful, and that also made their moral choices trustworthy and true.

The result of contemplative sight is what I would like to call “beautiful” morality, and the lack of it is why so many of us dislike and mistrust so many supposedly “moral” people. Let me try to explain. To do a highly moral thing, such as caring for the earth, but with the wrong energy ( in an angry, pushy, or know-it-all way), is kind of ugly morality and not the “aroma” and “incense” of Christ(2Cor 2:14-15). It is formally right, but somehow terribly wrong, and we sense it. Perhaps that is why so many religious and formally moral people do not seem attractive or happy to us.” ….

Quite simply, the right energy comes forth when it is not “all about you,” or about you being right, but radiates a further message, a larger presence, an inner vitality that shines through those very words and actions-and this becomes the core message itself! Most mature people can tell the difference immediately, without perhaps realizing why one action attracts and changes us, and the other repels us, even though both might be formally correct.”

~Richard Rohr Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi.

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