Thinking Again

It troubles me that the church, or professing body of Christ, can “discern” correct doctrine; yet are so unable to discern the human condition. The need of another. The lost. Or the cost at that.

I find Jesus above all else, so in-tune with people, He changes them so.

He is able to perceive what typical man cannot. His Spirit in us, should too.

We neglect so much of His life for the teachings of men.

As if the things He said and did on Earth those 33 years were irrelevant; in contrast with our teachings.

I remember sitting in a huge church one evening for “Gift night.” Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against this. I just don’t see where it is Biblical: us being so adamant about study and doctrine?

Over people. The Good News.

At this gift night, it was intended for the members of this place to practice there spiritual gifts. It was a great night. I loved it! But I couldn’t help but not see, the Gospel anywhere involved:

Jesus reaching out to the human condition.

What got me even more, was the multiple times people got up to try and “prophesy” only to come up with vague numbers and an audience full of crickets.

When what was said, did not ring a bell for anyone in the “audience” at one particular time, the one practicing simply shrugged their shoulders and stated, “well praise God for obedience.”


No one can see this? And I don’t imply people aren’t sincere and really meaning all this. They are. They mean well, I think we all do to some extent.

I just mean, open your f-n eyes!!!

That night, there was your usual lost and lonely that come “off the streets” to gatherings like this;hoping for some form of freedom or love..

Only to find a group of people so self absorbed in their own experience and hopes of manifesting great things, they left the same way they came.

And this is not to slander or say I am not for the church. I just cannot see through this as much as I have tried.

I don’t shit talk about church and keep reiterating the same opinions just for drama or bitterness sake at all.

I just have something within me, that won’t leave me alone about it. I just feel I could do better about the way I express it, thats all. I can be an ass hole.

But it can be hard not coming across as cynical and negative when that’s where your from, ya know?

It takes a lot of damn undoing, but I am being intentional and as caring as I can.

I mean, here were all these most likely deeply wounded people, just wanting contact with caring humans and what did we give them?

Our own show.

And we chase after it…..🏃‍♂️

These experiences. 🎆

These gifts.

Forgetting that gifts are given, they come naturally.

We wrestle so much.

We don’t know freedom as much as we say and think we do. Nor can we identify our own prisons, let alone another’s.

We are plagued by the same mindsets as other men.

So yes, I find a lost church.

Not knowing what they are doing, and seeking everything but Jesus in many ways.

Unable to see inward to human hearts in desperate need of…something different.

Probably Agape Love?

THAT is what ultimately changes people: read the Gospels again.

Jesus was so more concerned with touching and freeing a man in torment, at whatever cost; than any political stance, teaching of man, tradition or script.

He said come and drink, it is free!!

And we still are looking for it. Not at all leading people to real spiritual discernment; but the doctrines of self absorbed consuming men.

Faith don’t need certainty.

God leads.

Stop it.

Stop wrestling with it all.

Live it.

Breathe it.

Get out of your heads and desires for signs and wonders, for certainty in doctrine..

And do some Gospel shit.

Discern life on deeper levels than the worlds way of looking at it (understanding and practice).

See where it might be all about you, rather than God’s Kingdom.. of

Self-sacrificing love and servitude to the other.

Of what’s right, brings peace, and joy. Which is essentially the Kingdom.

Not some doctrines to keep us feeling safe and a group to keep us feeling like we belong.. to the Kingdom.

What will we one day do, when it’s our time and just as the Parables, Jesus says…

You did a lot in my name..

But this person, whom you deemed unworthy of my salvation (due to doctrine); did so in my were so tied up in names and meanings.. you didn’t see through to deeper needs.

Spiritual things.

But this sinner, this Samaritan, did what was loving, while the rest passed on by headed for tradition and Scripture.

It’s the same today and no one can comprehend it! I don’t get it.

Everyday I see avid church goers pass up so many needs, in order to carry on with tradition and a script that was invented by men.

Still unaware that to do something in someone’s name.. does not mean to go using the same language and words..

But to Be it.

Live it out.

It is a way.

Not a man made word.

It is the essence we miss.


And abusing it all in some sense.

I still don’t get it.

But, maybe I’m wrong. Idk.

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