The Shit

I’ve found that the less I allow myself to consume; be it wants or cravings, things that numb me, things that guide me, the things that I can give my attention to..

The more I am at ease.

And, the more I allow myself to have that is unnecessary, comes along with even more things I usually must maintain.

There are a shit ton of things the world, people, and places are trying to sell us as dreams and needs; but many times they are also the very things that actually keep us on the hamster wheel.

For instance, the more status and prestige you acquire; the more elements you must add to maintain that..and so forth.

The more material things you depend on to feel more attractive, essential, important, successful; the more you likewise must maintain to keep up.

There is always another price to pay. Usually reoccurring ones.

Not that any of this is right or wrong; I just have for myself found that the simpler I keep things, the easier it is to breathe.

All the extra takes my focus off of living at times.

What is life about ya know?

All we chase?

That never ending race?

Many have said the goal is to die before you die; and that is such a deep principle and can be put to good use in every aspect of our lives.

The more we give ourselves to, depend on or taste.. the more we must keep tasting, if it is very good to us.

Thus, the more complex we’ve made things.

Options aren’t always good. They rob us.

By relying on solely a few amounts of things to keep us content and at peace, we can work on those few things and refine them.

We can master our techniques.

Less is better, is the sum my argument.

The more we add to any mix, the more we must keep up with it, but not in every case.

I speak mainly of balance; of examining the things we juggle and that might cause more stress than rest.

Seeing how much life passes us by when we are always doing, going, and consuming. It can just control our whole lives without us even stopping to ask, “ is this the experience that life was meant to be?”

Or have we never even stood still enough to look deeper?

My objective is not to say we throw success and nice things away.. but to see things differently perhaps.

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