Signs and wonders

Why aren’t we seeing more of Thee?

Could it be that men prefer certainties over mysteries?

Where are the sons having visions and daughters seeing dreams?

Where is the, thou shall do more than me?

Stuck in the building still searching for explanations, again discussing impossible the detriment of human beings.

You’ll find them in their seats.

Worried about not making it, discussing old pages written to a people; that were freed.

The law was not written for you and for me, unless you are a Jew you see.

But we stress to get it;

Break it down, and comprehend it.

Yet, what did Jesus do?

It’s almost as if he was trying to get peoples minds away from what was written by men.

To get a glimpse of what IS; if you had eyes to see and ears to hear beyond the Scripts.

It’s like he is saying, ‘“now look at Me! Look at this!”

See this man here doing this and this?

THIS is someone following me.

And THIS is not.

See the earth, see the people in need?

Look at them!!

It’s as though He is implying , “I get the law is significant to you..(Jews)…yet HERE I Am!!! “

Yes you want to know me, but HERE I Am!!

Like it was always meant to be, no separation, God with man.

But, we would have none of it..

Visions and dreams scare us, we immediately must scrutinize it all.

Here we go again, locked down with paper and pen….

Someone asked you for help? Did you have it in your hand?

Yet you used the fact of you’re endless study and church every Sunday, year after justify you already giving your 10%…

Let the poor have each other, they are always recite again again.

There are so many lonely men.

And yes, you’re at it again..old laws in hand…searching for…


I have to ask again.

God, why aren’t we seeing more of Thee?

Could it be that men prefer certainties over mysteries?

Things too deep to see beneath, all the rhetoric we’ve held so sweet.

Men in need.

Kids on streets.

Blind eyes, still don’t see.

Who needs visions and dreams when you have your mental mind to feed?

Who needs freedom when we can keep the law?

People do…

And love does.

(Note: I love the Bible, I am not against the study and searching of it. What I don’t agree with, is how much we consume it and worship it. How much people have made it a priority. Over service. Over people in need. I don’t like that we’ve made it out to be more than I truly believe it was meant to be: a sign Jesus..who came to give us a better idea of who God is.

We say Jesus is who we pledge allegiance to..but most of our devotion is for and to ourselves. For our own mind and hearts sake. For reassurance. For our own “ticket” to heaven.

I find churches and people chasing after their own spiritual gifting’s and seeking out exclusive “Christian” schools to find them. Having days and night services to practice their gifts of discernment or whatever gift they might hope to have. You find that the churches that are most ride or die when Biblical study and inarrancy are concerned; are also the ones who act like the Corinthian church..way over the top focused on spiritual manifestations. Ignoring the admonishes not to be hyper focused on it all. Putting last, all the verses concerning love, service, giving all you have, taking care of the widow and orphan. Maybe since there are no literal orphans or widows around like there was then…we just neglect kids who in many senses, are as orphans: without a father or healthy role model to lead them?

We like the endless study and gaggle of doctrine .. but we don’t like serving. At least not if it asks too much of us. We have no discernment for right or wrong anymore. For what is good and what is selfish. We refuse to see our fatted calfs, nor the golden ones in our homes. We don’t see the barns built for access, nor our over abundance.

We don’t see we like the same wisdom patterns, comforts, and strengths of the world, more than lowly servant hood. For we do follow after the same lead of the world right? We chase exactly after the same successes of the world, do we not? And we think a lot like it too: We prefer ourselves over people, to be right rather than wrong, to find excuses and ways around it, to indulge in our luxuries…

And we leave souls lonely all along…

God forbid they are healed in the temple on the Sabbath is our attitudes! But we don’t see that spiritually. For it all had to fit within “our laws”.

This is why I am upset over church and many of its followers..following a Bible and doctrine over anything of love or hope or helping people that are “lost”.

I don’t even think we know anymore what lost is.

Paul and Moses, this guy and that…that’s who we study..

When Jesus all along,simply said..follow Him.

Now go back and see what He was doing again…)

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