Thinking Again

I often ponder and struggle with why people sort of take for granted the plethora of verses and admonitions found in The Bible concerning treating others right, giving to the poor, denying self, going out to the margins;

And give so much more weight to the few (in contrast with the lessons of love and servitude) verses concerning study and learning?

All I witness is vast amounts of study. People devoting their whole lives to making sure they have it figured out.

While so many people could use…people. At least from where I come from.

I mean, is it just like fish in water?

You can’t see any difference when you are so intrenched in something?

I don’t know.

I just know, when I look at Jesus and the story He is telling; the message He is trying to get across..

And then I see most people going back into the bandage of law and the prophets(putting hope and trust in certain certainties, theories, doctrines.)

Dependant on them; instead of experiencing the torn veil.

Making sure we grasp it …the knowledge of it all. Hence the study. We’re addicted.

Now, we live in a period where Christianity says it is all about Jesus. He is the answer, even what the Bible was pointing to this whole time right?

Even Jesus Himself says, “You search the Scriptures because ‘you think’ in them you have eternal life..yet you refuse to come to me, who they all talk about.” Google it lol.

Yes, we love to think it through. We entertain theories more than life itself.

More than humanity.

We want Heaven for ourselves, not here on Earth for everyone else.

We don’t teach people to come to Him, do we? Who knows experience of the divine anymore? Who has touched Him? Who knows one still can?

Without a fight? A struggle? A prayer and formula? But rather, just because the veil is torn..

We teach them rather to turn to these pages, these lessons. To memorize. To recite. To get up and read. Go to bed and read. To know it all in our earthly minds..

We’d rather be sin seekers: Who are the sinners in need of what I know? The “knowledge” of how to get to God?

We like the epistles. We idolize Paul. A human. His wisdom. We give no thought to his own humanity and possible dogmas..which is OK…we’re all human…but we leave no room for humanity in the Scriptures. Even though humanity I believe, Jesus is trying to tell us, is much better lived. Not thought.

We have to learn by comprehension here in the West. So,we fear anything we can’t dissect and explain.

If we were to see Peter on a roof in a trance today; we’d call him pagan.


We don’t walk by the Spirit.

We don’t discern by the Spirit.

We use our minds.

We have to think it through. Whether one “knows” the way. In their heads. Really. That’s what we do; we just have learned to make it sound spiritual.

And we judge anyone who’s minds and lives don’t walk or talk like ours.

God forbid we can look past what all this earth has given us as our identities: language, what words we use to describe life and our experiences, culture, beliefs, and see a soul beneath. Their intentions, their heart. Their hurts and visions. WHO they are.

Don’t worry people, God still looks at the heart. Man they look at the doctrines of men to measure one by.

How do YOU measure a man?

My point being, we ignore Jesus’ whole earthly existence and turn right back to the teachings of men.

You see, reading hasn’t always been universal. It still isn’t.

God is beyond our human wisdom.

For some reason, we just HAVE to make sure we are correct. We fear being incorrect.

I mean our whole eternity exists on it right?

Oh faithful ones.

Eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and letting people just fall hopeless all around.

People are out here..everywhere really.

Kids who probably could be turned on better paths if someone came along and said, hey, follow me, let me come into your life and show you a better way…I know for a fact how significant this is in young minds and lives….

Peoole all over!! Still waiting to be told the Kingdom is here and now, and the veil of paying a price to get there is done and over with.

And here we go…reading the same thing, over and over and over again.

It’s easier though. Isn’t it? Really though?

We can’t let go..

Of the control

And the desire “to know”.

Even the thing we call evil within our own circles…what Paul called Greek gnosticism..what we call wordly..

Is just so in enthroned amongst us and we don’t even see we consume and breathe it.

Think about what you tell people about your beliefs and ask yourself where do you find them mostly in Christian Scripture?

Is it coming from Paul’s mind? Moses? John the revelator? Or Jesus’? What He said and spoke and to whome?

How did the one we say we follow, live and speak? What did he put in His basket? What eggs?

You might see that we follow a lot of humans, a lot of doctrines and leave Jesus behind.

People are in need of change.

Of hope.

And the church is failing them.

The ones who are meant to go out and tell the good news..

Keep it safely tucked in their pews.

In their heads.

It will die with them.

As people die without.

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