I Write

I told myself I should start writing more positive or praise worthy things.

To let everyone know I am a happy person too haha.

I caught myself though; wanting to do it for approval.

Something I have done my whole life: tried to conform for approval.

No one’s fault; but my own faulty thinking for the most part.

Anyway, I had to say no, it’s OK.

This is how I am.

How I write.

My writing originated as an escape.

A way to understand or express all that I couldn’t always understand or get others to understand. About life, myself, whatever.

When one goes to therapy, typically it is usually more about problems than all that’s going great.

I too, relish in life when it’s going well.

I don’t have to work through it all.

I live in it: The peace and joy and moments that I have that.

Which are getting more frequent lately!! Thank you Jesus!

So I might just be more MIA when I am doing well, that’s all.

And writing will still be, some mad art form I use towards freedom.

Regardless of what they think.

Of what I think.

Poets lament.

We can’t help it lmao.

That’s my answer.

One thought on “I Write

  1. And writing will still be, some mad art form I use towards freedom.

    I really like this – describes my journal pretty well!


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