My attitudes on Church

I don’t have anything against people or individuals in general when it comes to my critique and attitude towards church stuff.

My intentions are to point at an attitude or mentality, that can be found within the church’s “mind” or life in general.

Things that are so taken for granted, that they are not questioned.

Attitudes and ways of seeing that have been around for so long; they are accepted as authenticly Christ like.

We worship the Bible, more than we follow Jesus for instance.

People get pricked with that one.

Though only roughly 500 years ago, was “Solo Scriptura” officially born into the thinking Christian from the eagerness brought on by the enlightenment to have ” the facts.”

It was worldy in a way- ya- say -aye?

Well, it did in a way come from a worldly thought process: As an outcome of the new way of thinking brought on by the enlightenment. It’s kind of funny because that word, enlightenment, would be feared among many fundamentalist and Christians today.

Yet we can get so stuck on words. We fail to see the things behind words. What life force is coming from this or that? Words can be deceitful. In fearing the word enlightenment; you find it odd that most do not know their way of ruthless study of Scripture, comes from those looking for…”enlightenment”. To comprehend.

Not saying all I think is true; this is just me brainstorming myself. All my writing is. But I have an underlying belief it is true. Like we all do about our own theories and frame works.

Anyway, I see a lot of the origins of Christ like service forsaken. Like the Gospels original content and mission put on the backburner: Which was people.


The other.

The lost.

The poor.

The alone and unsupported. (Widow/orphan/stranger in the land).

We like law.

We really do.

We sit year in and year out.

Consuming it.

Re-reading it.

Devoted to script.

It is interesting to me, how Jesus never did anything quite the same way.

He even healed so differently from one healing to the next.

Almost mysteriously.

You never knew what was coming. Even those closest to Him would get surprised or had a lot of things misconstrued.

Almost as if He didn’t want people to create a formula out of it all: His Kingdom and gospel.

He never carried around Torah. Sitting people down to make sure they had the “formula”.

He really just lived.

And lived amongst those who wanted Him around.

He didn’t take things too serious. Paul did, whome you find us adhering to more than Jesus. But what else can be expected from such an educated and religious man? It was instilled in him. I don’t think He had it all right. He went away for years traveling here and there, wanting to make sure he understood it all himself. Yet we live off his teachings..

Again, more than Jesus’.

Jesus was not so law bound. Study bound.

Unless it was something that came before people. Then he got more reckless:

Like selling in the Temple.

Oh, or, when they wanted the man to not be healed on the Sabbath.

It was traditiona and scripts that came before people He scrutinized more than anything.

You see, we need order. Our mentalities.

To understand.


Have a formula.

Over and over and over again. We want a routine we can manage.

We fear anything that pushes our familiar boundaries. Things we’ve been told from the get-go; we dare not deviate much from.

It’s normal.

Human nature.

Carnal and fleshly, for those who like the “big” words. (Again, whats IN a word? That’s what matters, now how you understand or relate to that word. But, what that person is trying to get acrodd, with the words chosen?)

Yet we are still restless.

Because we like to consume and consume and consume this Christian stuff.

Re-thinking, re-brainstorming, regurgitating it, and then re-feeding and eating it.

Am I wrong?

Like when does it become living? A living word?

When have you found what you’re looking for and got on with it?

The time invested in looking compared to what is said to have been found; along with the lives still in need of people with hope to offer, simply does not add up.

This is my mental and heartfelt dilemma.



Walk..when you can sit and be fed?

Why leave and go, when you can stay?

Why get out?

Are we afraid of what we will see?

Of reality?

Of what life is really like on the margins?

Are we afraid to listen to what a person REALLY means and find out what they really need?

Because, that requires Christ like intimacy. And that can be..

Kind of dirty.

And it can make you

We like our temples.

Our seats and our privileges.

We do.

We dare not question the politics.

We choose sides and go with it.

We don’t know anything about,

Rising above it.

Where God sits.

Language, word, and pen.

Don’t you know you filter all that stuff through YOUR own lens!?

You don’t ever stop to think that what you already have decided to fear, might be something quite different to the person trying to express it?

We don’t ever actually LISTEN.

Where is the discernment that goes beyond this word play?

God stuff.

It’s not in your head, even Jesus said.

These things we’ve reverenced, spent mass amounts of time in…

Are they changing you..or serving them?

Do they bring Heaven to Earth?

Or are you still busy in your attempts at trying to entertain Heaven and know exactly how to attain it… that it’s keeping you from actually living it..?

And giving those in most need of it.



Stop this nonsense.

This stuff was meant to point to a much bigger, bigger, bigger picture.

And now you’re there..again

All still sit sit sitting..

Searching for what has been


Maybe He’s out here with them.

So stop, stop looking there..

And Him/them.

Go find a life and give it hope again.

Aren’t you full yet?

Throw it back up.

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