You can’t just want the idea. The name. The “truth”. The declaration. The tradition.

You must want love, peace, and freedom for people. You must have a heart for..


Anything we say and do, can be good.

But where it matters is;

Is your heart being changed for people? Or are your ideas of people being changed? For the better?

Not your world views, ideas, and morality or your behavior.

But, are you genuinely being freed from anything “anti-Christ” at your heart and mind level?

We can always look impressively saintly.

But the goal is a heart change.

At the heart level.

You can do a great deal of good work, and still be unloving and ungenuine.

You can look and sound a lot like love; but still haven’t touched it in a while.

And love takes time to become real in us. Well in my case, and I know of others.

We aren’t gonna get there overnight.

But, it is the goal.

And we first must acknowledge all, that even in our thought life is not of God’s loving spirit..

And find where WE need light shed in our hearts.

Let His Love change those things..

I can easily play a part. It can be so natural. And I can be sincere.

But where does my heart stand in love?

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