I have to remind myself, that we are all the same: Where it is meant to matter.

None of us have asked to be born here.

Whether under this flag or that.

With this faith or the lack of one.

With their parents and their own personal baggage.

No one has chosen their birthplace, lineage, race, ethnicity. (Unless you put some near death experiences into account; in which many come back saying as a spirit they chose certain circumstances as part of their “lesson” to transform them into better “persons”).

Culture likewise is passed down and shared. It is diverse. It can’t be tamed. It evolves.

But no one owns it; though in our worldly thinking we cling to it for fear of loss of a sense of identity perhaps?

But even culture is borrowed, is a collective experience and can’t be really chosen. It chooses us in many forms. We are the influenced.

Even our mindsets are largely unconsciously programmed into us. We don’t think for ourselves.

Just as much as there is a poverty mindset; there is a privilege mindset.

We are all swimming in our own worlds and unable to quite comprehend what water is.

Kind of like being all deluded and full of our own firmly believed excuses.

We can’t change anyone. Only ourselves. And first we have to become aware of our own blinded eyes and how much we’ve just accepted without question and went with everything set before us our whole lives.

And most don’t even do this.

There is so much in us all that needs to be weeded out and worked on; we have no time to be so unwantedly interested in others affairs. Something I must work on, being someone bent on reforming people and systems.

Only our example, lifestyle, “aura”, vibe, the atmosphere we create can ultimately inspire and convict it seems. Change a life for the better. Make a real impact, ect.

Words don’t do much good. They divide and conquering is a lot of their goal. And it is many times, more about reassuring ourselves, than helping someone toward freedom. Our words, arguments and reasoning that is.

We don’t live anything, we think it over and over and over again.

We want a microphone for or own sake many times.

And there are quite possibly lives around you and I, that need all the attention we can give.

What if that small tribe our mission?

To love. To learn to love, and also receive it? To bring us out of all our selfish ways?

And then, that seed we planted/instilled/reproduced/cared to/tended/ toiled over…grows and grows…that small sum of your existence and what you put into it..

And many birds can come and enjoy it after time. It is not useless. Maybe only to our egos who always must be seen, heard and understood.


Focus on what has been given us to work on:


Those in need around us, who reach out to us, and who along the way, are in a sense, gifted to us.

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