The People’s Spirit.

People in the West, seem to have truly made their intellect god.

Even our spiritually here is relatively that.

We have lost touch.

And made our ideas, theories, explanations, concepts…our spirituality.

We have been taught not to trust our spirit.

It is to be feared.

We are caught up in word play, that’s all it is.

Word games.

And it is a great deception quite possibly.

We fear words like trance, mystic, third eye, transcending.. realm, consciousness..

Without even knowing their root. Or what they mean to the person using them.

What mystic may mean to you; may mean something else entirely to another.

Words are merely how we try to explain our experience, understanding, and so forth.


And we insist upon it!

But, could be missing out on essential living?

The Enlightenment has done us some disservice, in a spiritual sense.

We can’t read between the lines or see the world on deeper levels. Like maybe we were meant to…

We crave knowledge. Head knowledge. We insist we can articulate it within. And we spurn those who have deep experiences and have been liberated by them, if they do not align with our “words” we have contrived for them. Words being ideas, theories, concepts; all that is mentally processed.

Experience is not to be trusted. But what else do you have?

We all share that .

And much of it, is very similar..our experiences.

Yet we reject that.

We can’t see beyond ideas.

We don’t have “eyes to see”? Is this possible?

We live by our five senses only; our intellect is king.

And anyone actually experiencing freedom beyond our criteria is usually getting it from another source. A wicked source at that, is what most teach.

The truth will set you free Jesus says my friends.

But we seem to accept and submit to wordplay; before we do anyone’s new found freedom from whatever had been oppressing them.

Peace, joy, love, righteousness.

This is the Kingdom within.

Are you finding that?

Are you experiencing God?


Or is it all just word play?

Your word play? We all have our own, and anything unlike it is often rejected from the start.

What is essence? Can you comprehend it?

Sense it?

When you don’t have to use all the lingo to get it? Because God transcends, all our Babel.


Don’t miss out on freedom and knowing God by expecting it all to look (think) like you.



They say so faithfully, “we are spirits in human bodies.”

Yet nothing is being lived or understood spiritually; but only through the intellect.

Word play.

All day.

We don’t live life.

We think life.

We don’t see.

We can’t perceive.

God is beyond, your intellect and word play. Why don’t you get that?

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