From our pulpits, preach service.

And not just a here and there, food pantry, holiday fundraiser thing.

Teach the laymen, teach the youth…service.

Get out in the neighborhoods and find the elderly who need their yards worked on regularly.

Find kids that need mentors.

Seek out the lonely and lost.

Find people in need.

Learn to discern that.

Preach that.

Bible book memorization, happy camps, finding ones own spiritual gifts and singing and dancing have their place…

But above all, Jesus was a servant..and said follow Him.

Proclaim this from your pulpits, change the community..one need at a time.

There are too many people sitting on pews and learning the same old lessons. Singing the same old songs. Preaching the same old doctrinal dogma.

Like really, get out of the building and move around a bit.

Love a little.

What does that LOOK like?

Not screaming and holding signs. Resisting the the same old systems.




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