In a World

In a world full of skeptics, contradictions and questions

How do you navigate so many stories told by so many clever men?

I know I’ve experienced both the evil and sacred,

Both in the spiritual and physical I’ve sensed it.

I can’t always explain the shit, but I can never escape it.

Like they say, it’s something that has to be tasted and then you get waisted and can never rest again…

Till you’re forever drunk in it.

In a world full of legends and myths

Pride, arrogance and fleshly men

Which way do you go?

Where do you turn down this often terrifying, but also awe inspiring mysterious road?

I know there’s 2 roads.

Like Frost had said.

Light and dark.

Life and death.

Something else, love I guess.

Within our chests we can feel these tests.

Do we go right, or dare turn left?

You are what you eat, we should never forget.

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