I’m tired of being the judge, judging.

Me, myself, and I; and others…

Wanting to know good from evil, and who is leaning toward which side and which isn’t..

Myself included. I’m a hoping sinner, a repeat offender..hypocritical individual..I don’t get it.

I’m tired of being the thinker.

The analyzer.

I am tired of my cynicism and neuroticism….feuding within..

Self enclosed prisons.

I’m tired of the doom within.

The subtle suspicions, that everyone’s in it for their own self interest,

Yet I can’t prove it or pin it.

Tired of needing to voice my opinions and wanting someone to listen.

I want freedom and contentment.

Sweet silence and non-resistance.

Love, with no wrong intentions.

Yet, so often I question even my own hearts position..?

Don’t get it..

Don’t want to get it..

Must learn silence…this is wisdom. No words..no thoughts that critique and twist shit.

My own convoluted conclusions with no proof in the pudding.

No need to be seen, no need to be heard. Content content. With who I am.

In this one time experience..let it be awe I get! Out of the wonderment of life that is.. all paradoxes included…don’t limit it.

Hush silly mind of mine,

Goodnight, close your eyes and believe in… human beauty and redemption again.

Don’t forget to include yourself in it.

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