The Flow

Maybe not everything and everyone, are meant to flow together.

To sync.


Make melody.

Now, I must learn not to judge why.

Is it them, or I?

Because typically, my ego is going to lean toward it not being I.

I am not the problem.

But, I very well could be.

We are all energy. Believe it.

Yet, I must also consider my own intuition could be correct.

I just cannot use that (possible correct intuition) and define a person or thing, as wrong..dark.

We all are a bit of both. A little earth and heaven. We just have varying degrees maybe? We can nourish and feed both the light and dark: sincerity, honesty, negativity, falsehood. They are either light energies(attitudes/motives) or dark.

Sometimes, just our intentions can make a good thing dark, or vice versa. The energy behind it sanctifies or desecrates…

But, maybe, the fact the flow is not there..that something seems out of tune..and something seems to have always been…when our lives combine..

Is a subtle sign..that we just cannot create a coherent melody together? Maybe just for now, but it’s OK if it’s forever.

I cannot force myself nor another, to feel comfortable in my own space and vice versa.

You cannot turn off certain senses or feelings that persist…or at least I’ve tried to “tame the vibe”.

And sometimes the best possible thing I think, may be to not allow those energies to connect, for the sake of all involved?

So there is no longer judgment. Selfish, assumptional, weighing..

At least on my side.

If I cannot find a kind vibe, feeling, thought..if I wrestle so with my own feelings when our energies are together..if I question another’s sincerity..and cannot explain it…

I cannot just keep letting those negative, assuming thoughts persist. And they seem to persist as I stay connected…

Our song is out of whack. It does not create the dance I suspect you dance when in harmony…unseen or seen. There is no coherent beat…

And I cannot quite discern why I feel so? And I question myself and them..

I must accept it. Yet also admit it.

I am unable to say what it is?

I could be the bad energy. Or I could be feeling something, yet I cannot without a doubt say this is true.

It just doesn’t stop. The atmosphere, energy, vibe..does not find it’s place. It collides…

We both are light and dark. I have to remind myself again.

I cannot say I am more light than the next. And it is OK, to question certain vibes I am learning.

But who’s to say?

Only the energy…?

And instead, of it being a repellant on both sides…

It shall be seen as simply something to acknowledge, and lovingly no longer feed into. Step away from..

In order to free. To stay loving and un-doubtful of another human spirit’s goodness.










Flowing like poetry

Words don’t mean a thing…always .

Feel your way through it..without allowing the mind to come to conclusions.

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