When you love to write, live to read, and are the self-proclaimed word nerd…

Then you gradually come to see..

Words can be so fruitless, empty, tempted to flipping, and can be twisted and manipulative.

Filtered though our own heads,

Used to wound … hidden…

Are ones intentions..

Words…they lack real essence.

We fuck them up and misinterpret the most of em,

We define them through our own hewn, home grown lenses… our own societies mindsets, cultures and religions

What are words?

Unless we can see beyond them..

And desire to sift through our own content and what’s wrong with it..then maybe, just maybe we could really see with spiritual clarity.

Who am I to say, that I see?

Comprehend this mans intent..and what he means by it?

What lies behind the verbiage he uses?

Who is the man behind the re-interpreting?

Why does she express her soul and creativity with this type of style and this type of dress?

Could she could be drawn to them? And they are actually, naturally, healthy, beautiful ways of expressing human emotion and more of it’s gifts? Can we share in this human capacity?

If it’s pure authentic attraction to something?

Is not culture passed down and borrowed? Who is to own it?

When will we see to the spirit, and not the definitions we give them?

If it is abhorrent, inhumane, let God handle them!

But if it is beautiful…if it expresses humanity…life..

Let us all partake of it.

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