God speaks to those who listen

And “He” is not as concerned with the logistics, words, traditions, pronunciations, and so forth..like we are.

Men are so consumed by it. They want to have rights to it all. Even the way to God( wisdom, knowledge, doctrine, saying, church, ect)

He is more concerned with New Birth itself.

He is more concerned with :



Death and hate vanquished

Than the means(way)to the end (Himself)

To be “Christ like” is an essence…not a theology.

It is a life lived…not a specific doctrine or creed.

It is found in WHOMEVER :

Dies to self on behalf of another…

The First will be Last

The Last will be First

He who finds life, must first find death.

Narrow indeed is the gate that washes the feet of it’s enemies.

That does not cry out in defense, but dies on behalf and at the hands of its oppressors.

That walks with the weak

Eats with the least

Being worldly is a mindset..a greed, a compulsion to keep up with appearances..of society, church, or state.

Not humanly struggles we all must destroy and defeat

There’s more to it! Eat the meat!

The words we use, in our religions, traditions..are vain.

They are not alive.

They are dead.

We cannot hear

We fail to see.

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