I felt like God was asking me to read today’s devotional(it’s actually my sons, and him and I randomly will read it here and there).

And before I did so, I felt Him( whome I call God) ask me to hesitate. And He asked me(I felt so, not some audible voice) if I would actually believe what it said? Like a Father speaking to His children..a loving Father, or parent in general? Would I receive it?

I felt as if He was asking me to reflect on how I feel about my own kids and how I want them to understand how much I care, despite the times it may not seem so. When the world around may not look like it, ya know? But would I believe His “words” and not the circumstances?

Also, over the last year or so, I’ve felt that He has been wanting me to take a break from screens. From most sources of visual media and things that aren’t natural sounds.

So before reading the devotion, I sat again looking at that holy ol’ TV asking myself if would need to take the drastic move and just put the damn thing out on the curb?

Take the extreme measure of, “plucking out an eye of mine”?

He has consistently been compelling me to practice being in silence more. And reminding me how all the voices around us, that we have in a way become unconcious of, actually can hinder us from “hearing” Him; whatever that may look like to an individual.

He is a still small voice, the Old Testament says.

There is something about solitude, stillness and quite that for millennia people have claimed is the optimal environment and atmosphere for spiritual transformation or experiencing God.

Consider even meditation for example; or Peter on his roof in a trance. A practice that was popular then, but maybe taken to look like pagan stuff today. But is it?

To the point many have had to be forced into it..silence or isolation. A moment that might be dark, but neccessary to open blinded eyes.

Anyway, as always. “God”, Jesus, comforts me with His consistency in confirmation.

Here is the devotion for today that I read after I had took a moment to pause and think about these things, like I felt Him asking me to do:

Again, before, He asked if I would really believe He means it, as a loving parent speaking to a child.

❣Hear My Song πŸ₯°

The Lord your God is with you….he will rejoice over you with singing. – Zephaniah 3:17

Do you hear that? I am singing you a song. It is a love song. You give Me so much joy that I just have to sing!

You won’t hear My song like you would a song on the radio. But listen with your heart, and you’ll hear Me. I know there is noise all around you. Voices pulling you this way and that way. Don’t listen to them! Take a break from all the noise. Find a quite place to be still in My Presence and listen to My voice.

That beautiful bird’s song? It’s saying I love you. That whisper of wind through the trees? (Wind in greek in the Bible is also translated as spirit.) It’s singing My Joy that you are with Me. Even the patter of rain says you delight Me. Listen to My song- it’s like no other music you’ll ever hear.

Taken from Jesus Calling Youth Devotional

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