Why can you use Jesus as an example? For your beliefs and actions. To tell me to be kind and loving, gentle and meek?

You tell me I am not Christ like.. my life, my speech. I get it, I’m not perfect, I’m working on it. He’s working on me.

But why can’t I use Jesus and His words in ways to try and address what I call deranged ?

Why can’t I kick over your tables and the things you sell and trade? Why can’t I speak up against the things that I think are unholy, defiled and profane?

Why can’t I stand up and preach? Speak up against what I call wickedness? Why can’t I be upset and wish to defend the widow and the fatherless?

Why does it irk you? Get to you, make you shut your eyes, ears and turn your head?

Why can’t I be like Jesus and be angry at your ways? Point out the poor on the streets who act more like Christ than those that gather in His name?

Why can you, but why can’t I?

Because there is a burning within, a compelling thing; I can’t get rid of it.

I think refiners fire will take care of it.

Slowly but surely, God will perfect how I deliver it.

Shut my mouth, I am not good with gentle sentences

A cynic of cynics.

Critical of the critics.

But something tells me, I speak truth in some form; I just am not ready to lovingly relate it. Sorry, for this.

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