Just as I have noticed the many things I was once critical of in others become manifested in my life: things I thought were “sinful and un-godly”, evil, worldly you name it…

I am also noticing the same things I have accused others of(religious systems in particular) not doing (Christ like service, giving, thinking, sacrifice, ect) ..being asked of me.

Will I live up to the principles?

The principles I know to be true?

If I have more or less than another; be it time, resources, finances, energy…

If it were asked of ME.

Will I, principle..

The rich man or the woman with just the mite?

Random Tangent Alert

What does the Kingdom and riches have in common? Why are they so many times regarded?



Rusted garbage


Eye of needle

Narrow gate

Lazaurus made it.

Some go left and some go right


Not just your sons and daughters, self-prescribed righteous ones.

But, goat and sheep based on who really showed love.

There’s another one, solely based on what one does, that you don’t hear to much.

We still avoid the blinded(emotionally, mentally, whatever) beggars, and reject the lonely, crying at His feet.

A job in deed is what we see.

A wretch on her knees, shouldn’t be at the King’s seat..

Projects they are, to convince to free.

As we line up and confirm the next

Smiling committed members.

Who will meet week after week, Jan-December

Waiting to die and go off to Heaven.

Pouring over Scripture

Avoiding all the ones, that tell you to get out and make a difference.

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