Our discernment should be on what’s right or wrong.

Just or unjust.

Merciful or merciless.

Loving or hateful.

Life Giving or Destructive.

Selfless or Selfish.

Humble or Prideful.

Truthful or Misinterpreted.

Intentional or Mistaken.

Holy or Unholy.

In whose best interest?

Heaven on Earth or some other wickedness?

Not some mind twisting, encrypted, one million differences in opinions, theological emphasis, knowledge like gnostics thinking through it.

It’s spiritual not mental!

Words don’t do it justice, what are your arguments?

Words derived from men who all have a different vision of what that word really is?

Who read everything from there own lens and experience?

Is this what we’ve really made it??????

Oh the minds of men. Thinking, knowing, inquisitive.

Wanting understanding and all knowledge of the outs and ends.

The common sin of all earthly men.


But the fleshy kind, that insists it win.

And all others without…without that specific theological understanding…are pagan men.

Though, THOUGH they live and breathe and walk like Him.

Christ Spirited.

Why some are stuck in their heads, others are living it. Visions and dreams and transforming shit.

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