We want to be THE BODY of Christ when it implies gathering, studying, missions trips, spiritual experiences and outings…

When it gives us a microphone, a voice, a purpose. A stage, a song, a personal reason. When it gives us a name, or the feeling of power and pride in our “goodness”.

Yet, we want to say only Jesus can really help someone when it gets uncomfortable, asks to much of us, or is not as stimulating as we would like.

We like being His hands and feet when it suits us; and we like sending people off to Jesus alone when we “his hands and feet”, don’t like what is being asked of us.

We can handle certain sacrifices, like paying tithes and volunteering..but many of us may find when it comes to sacrifice sacrifice, which always implies discomfort, letting go, dying to self…we resist it.

What are we really dying to? Anything? And what really is just a matter of convenience and personal experience disguised(unconsciously)as Christ like servitude?

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