Learn to not compare yourself with others.

Or have the same expectations of others you place on yourself, and vice versa.

People are born into all types of circumstances.

And then, circumstances change throughout life.

Our trajectory is dependent in a sense.

One man may have been born into a more privileged circumstance for example.

We often consider material wealth as privilege.

But there is also having stability in other necessary areas that are detrimental:




Many things.

That one man may come along with many things already paved for him: college, finances, food, support systems.

Parents who instilled in him core values and gave him examples of that to further prepare him for success.

He starts out ahead in a sense.

And another man, though society asks of him to achieve and pursue the same things…he must first achieve and pursue things the other man never considered were hurdles.

One may be investing in his children’s future.

The other still fighting his mental health, a disability. Past trauma.

Ones mans goal is abundance; the other man’s freedom from whatever binds and blinds him.

Both possibly, life long journeys.

And then we must remember, not everyone values the same things. Or desires them.

Some men are content with more, some with less.

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