Drugs and Jesus(un-reread/draft).

I think I need to work on quitting smoking weed.

I’ve learned throughout these last several fucked up years that God is there. Like there there.

Anytime, anywhere. For us. All of us. Even those mf’s we can’t stand.

He wants to be there.

For us to know He really is OK with our mess. With our humanity.

But He still wants us whole. Within. Without. All that.

That does not mean there are things He doesn’t disapprove of, or things that do bring us heaven or hell on Earth.

His desire IS to bring abundant life to us. And He has shown that love is ultimately that.

Love, is not sinful. It does no harm to self or other. And it would rather sacrifice self, look at self and it’s own need for Him/grace/change than that of the other.

Possibly truly, the narrow gate.

How hard it is for us to do! Ego, pride are mf’s!

Ok, off on ADHD tangent πŸ˜‘πŸ™ˆ

So, the weed thing.

He has been there in the midst if it all. My darkest moments; and even there when I’m stoned and cussing and angry and complaining. He really is.

Despite the stuck up lady who told me the Holy Spirit will not reside in an unclean vessel.

No ma’am. He has been there more in my ugly than anything else.

And when we are in it, our pig pins and prisons..He is just as kind and calm and understanding, as He is when we are doing “better”. He laughs with you and comforts you regardless.

He is always gentle.

And you are “saved.” Despite what others say and think. You are welcome, and He is near.

Only in our minds is He far off. Repent(change your mind) and believe He is there, ya know?

“Though He(God/Creator/Spirit), is not far from any of us.”

“In Him we live, move, and have our being.” A pagan line, spoken by Paul, imagine that.

His/The light is more bright in the darkness. More visible. Noticed. Made known. It’s a paradox, but history is filled with this timeless experience.

That doesn’t mean we stay there. But, it’s not to be feared, and neither is God. Alot of times like we’ve been taught to do. That’s some pagan b.s. Look it up!


Tangent again 🀣

He came to show us we don’t need ANYTHING to get to Him. To experience His presence.

I don’t think like I use to: That people of different religions and those doing drugs are all experiencing evil or should be condemned to hell.

In fact, I’ve met the Spirit of Christ in a lot more outsiders, than the self proclaimed insiders.

Sounds like the Gospels almost doesn’t it?!!

I think there is a dark side we have to avoid. We need discernment there.

Not all is good, yet not all we call wicked is wicked.

If anything, we all have common sin that we don’t fail to see.

The claim to ownership of God and the way to His throne being one.

We all are out to claim we are the ones with the answer.

But, the veil has been torn! The temple was left stone upon stone, thrown down… never intended to be rebuilt.

He had to tell the woman at the well this. That He won’t be found here or there. In Spirit and truth though will He be met, found, received.

Back to weed again lol..

We find Him truly when we can be aware and experience Him without the help or assistance of anything else.

There is nothing needed. No offerings or price to be paid.

He has been with me in all this stuff many say is hell-bent.

Me for example using weed for anxiety rather than going to Him is my point. Or others choosing DMT, shrooms, or other natural drugs in attempts to access and experience God.

There is no longer a need to. Or never was.

BUT again, He is there in our every attempt to find Him.

But, I CAN NOT say, that He hasn’t been here this whole time. No one can tell me different. And that’s why He’s beautiful.

Still speaking, listening, making me smile, using me, calming me, carrying me, and even reprimanding me

He’s just a lot better than religion has sold me.

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