I get these instant panics

Like armageddon’s landed

They say it’s symptomatic

You know, Post Tramatic

Some type of stress, who’d imagine?

I feel like am always running

Inside mind, and nerves likewise

Little firefly’s, but the angry kind

Worry worry fast and fury



Hate me

Shame me

Entangled in this spider’s web

Of thoughts that toss and future loss

Now it needs detangling

I’ve been rhyming since I can remember when

It’s amazing

I’m constantly hating on my own self

I guess it’s like a comics tonic too help confront the things that ain’t so funny

And keep you crumbling

One thought on “Tonight

  1. Maybe it’s not you hating on your own self – maybe it’s the Hater’s voice you hear. Maybe the Hater will keep on hating us until doomsday. Can we find our own voice, though? What do we choose to say? How do we answer Jesus’ question, “Who do you say I am?” We have the heavenly right to say, “You are the one who loves me. I am yours. I am beloved.”


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