The man beaten on the side of the road and stripped by thieves. Unable to get back up on feet.

It took the Samaritan to see him.

As the holy walked by to their holy city. They left him, unattended.

Satan is called a thief, a destroyer; where are we in the lives of those unable to get up, recover or regain strength again? Whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally?

Where is the church but in their holy city? Avoiding it? Reading manuscripts over and over and over again.

They have their signs and their theories. Their marches and protests.

But where are they when it comes to being like the Samaritan?

…They wanted to send me to this organization. The place people go when they don’t know where else to go to deal with those kinds of decisions.

Not one of them offered to take up the slack.

They hate the unborn being killed they say, wicked, cruel, anti-Christ. I agree.

But let me remind you, not one of them offered to take up the slack.

But where were you, besides your Bible groups together eating comfort foods?

Once a week discussing your prayer requests and reading devotionals about Jesus and His quest?

Where are you when this woman needs a roof? When asked to help?

You said you decide who gets the help. I asked and told you she needed it. A kind woman, heaven sent, but been through hell and wouldn’t imagine the half of it.

(She’s all I’ve ever really had actually. I’ve seen her in survival mode her whole life, fighting, trying. More sacrificial and understanding than most I know. She’d give her last. Probably why she’s in this predicament perhaps?

For decades I’ve been afraid of losing her. It’s been a fear of mine since a child I guess. Maybe since my father and other role models left? But, yes, it has been raining inside and getting on the lights and making them spark for the last few years. I worry about her. We don’t go visit much, she has to come to my house. It would be nice to have gatherings once again.

It is hard to see and not be able to do anything about it. To not have the means or recourses, and to just watch someone drown in it. While others in another sense drown in their own, abundances. It’s confronting me..I’m sorry if it is coming off as confronting to thee.

Anyway, my point is, this is someone’s everyday. Someone’s life. And they are in need. And to see half a thousand people investing into light shows, attractive paint for walls and good coffee is gross to me. To have so many rooms full of games and toys for kids, that are just for what? It don’t make sense to be selling shirts and sweaters and having all these groups…it don’t make sense when one woman is dying to survive and all this money is going into a cause or an experience?

To some it’s seen as a victim mentality- my type of mindset; to others it’s seen as a system that has been at work for millennia and we still won’t admit it.

You said God brings those along your path to help..oh holy man with enough in his hand. You said you help so and so, who came along your path so. But what about when I told you she was stressed to death and all it took was better shelter above her make a big enough difference…

You ignored me, you said I needed your forgiveness. Did you or you didn’t?

What about when Jesus bases heaven and hell on those in need and whether you gave when they asked, when you knew they were in a place… victims of sin..satan.. that thief.

Don’t make since to me. Your tower so high. Hundreds of thousands… people come just on Sundays right? Then back to mostly homes with all walls and ceilings… solid, secure, you sit back you eat.

You invest all that money on Sundays? On signs and studies?

I just still can’t get it; is it because I’m the one living it and have never known different?

Besides what I see when with them in their gatherings, I see the difference. In word, in speech, in what is want and what is need.

Where were you?

Your extra rooms could have been greatly used for a small baby from time to time.. their are how many of you to divide the time?

You send me to the clinic.. whether you admit it or not. I am not alone in every decision.

Fear drove me there. You left me there. And you probably are still advocating for unborn lives, yet doing nothing to sacrifice your energy and time to make sure they are born and survive.

All fronting..but I do believe you all think your fulfilling the call, I don’t judge you. I just hope you can see through your deceit too.

Not judging or blaming. This is just my way of saying, it could have been different and I think many things should be different.

My criticism of church is always met with, “ no one, nor the church is perfect”; well neither am I.

And just as much as you continue in your own justifications and excuses (when the church is called and leaders to a higher standard); I likewise have my own.

I am torn between what I see, what I’ve experienced, what I read about Jesus and how the church uses it’s time and resources.

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