It Began

I began to lost heart, when I seen all that they invested in.

Good times, comfort first.

Dazzeling lights. Emotions high.

Towers built, to the sky.

Make it huge! Make it a sight!

And they all get to go home; home to typically unbroken things.

Light bills paid, good insurance, kids given more than they need. Those kinds of Amercian dreams..they protect above anything…

But on my streets. Shit is still broken. People are in need. Stress runs high. There are many fatherless, single parents, lives hungry for more than just your prayers and care boxes.

As you feed your glutton glutton gluttony

And the population here, starves…still hungry hungry hungry.

I speak of spiritual shit, on a deeper sense. Not your wealth or what your written checks can give.

Now your buildings, left so empty, unproductive. All that money. Ain’t it something?

What are you doing now sitting?

Here the most vulnerable, they are still lacking…left wanting…waiting for saving from saints who claim Jesus is their namesake…to come into their homes…looking for someone to bring hope to those that forgot that it was still something.

Glutton glutton gluttony…

Stuff stuff stuff…stuffed with nothing.

Hogs on Sunday. All day. Everyday.

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