Context and Reality

“Any interpretation of a biblical text that would not have made any sense to the author of the text and to his original, intended audience should be roundly rejected,” he stated.(YEEEEESSSS clears throat)  

According to Harlow, the mark of the beast is a symbol of the Roman empire’s oppressive political, social and religious system. The book of Revelation was written to encourage Christians in Asia Minor to resist that system. Instead of predicting a literal, physical mark that would be forced on people, Harlow said Revelation asks its audience, “To whom or to what do you give your ultimate allegiance? To the nonviolent way of Christ, the self-sacrificing Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world? Or to Rome and its emperors?”

‘In contrast to fear promoted online about the COVID vaccine, Harlow responded to Revelation’s apocalyptic message by reflecting on what allegiance to Christ means today. “Christ came into the world in suffering solidarity with the weak, the marginal, and the oppressed,” he said. “Faith in Christ means devotion to Christ and to the causes that he championed,” including caring for the poor, prisoners, and immigrants.”

Expert by Ezra Craker at

Popular TikToks promote unfounded claim that COVID-19 vaccine could be the mark of the beast

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