The Western Church is so stuck in head knowledge. We fear the “heart” and yet use only a few verses to back up our reasons. Maybe not knowing in Jewish thought, the heart had a lot more to do with our mind and thinking; than our intuition, the center where we at times feel something much bigger than ourselves…that deep seated knowing.

We don’t seem to get symbolism and the connections they can mean/bring to the spirit of man. All men.

We idolize our minds, and in many ways have demonized the spirit.

An example being how we will judge someone’s connection with God based on a man made word they use, that we have learned to fear; rather than considering with humility what THEY MEAN by that word. Or the essence, nature, intention behind their words.

The spirit. Not the flesh.

Mysticism or enlightenment being examples of words here in many forms of Christianity that we are taught to fear. We immediately retreat, condemn, send to hell, and demonize one and their beliefs..before going any deeper than man made rhetoric…

When did God become like us?

When we chose to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? When we decided we would rather be like gods and know right from wrong? What if we seen this story with deeper truths and symbolism, than through the lens of the physical? The earth, the flesh?

We still require men to live by our laws, attend our temples, and there are surely more veils than one still standing in between God and man….that we’ve made.

We don’t get…because we try so hard to get…it. And others must too.

We have substituted walking in the spirit..our God given nature..to walking in the heads of men…our own and others. And usually, only like minded men at that.

We have hidden the gospel, and replaced it once again….

No more temple or Torah

No more veil

Enter in, enter in, enter in.

Every man, woman, and child..all may enter in.

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