Ah Shit

Note: I think a lot of what I write are projections. It has taken me a long time to understand this. But, I am trying to figure out how all that works. So with that said, keep in mind that much of this stuff is what I should be preaching to myself alone, I just don’t like to accept that. My writings reflect the things I really really wrestle with. Whether they are hateful, loving, annoying, aggressive, cynical, critical (my lifelong go to), or heavenly and gracious. I write as I am, and as I see things in the moment. I might believe I am right, but that doesn’t mean I am, ya dig? I get that. But, it has been too hard trying to suppress this more human, vulnerable side of me and I just have to be legit. Don’t get offended even if I want you to. I am just working out this life of mine, the best I can, with what I have been given and hoping to overcome all that really is unlike Christ in me. But, these be dark times for me, so that is what you plainly see 😉 Just know that more than anything, deep down I want to spread joy and peace, that shit just doesn’t come as naturally to me…

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