The Vine and It’s Branches

If we are going to compare and contrast each others spiritual lives, then it should be on relatively similar grounds.

Stormy seas typically do rock the boat and cause fear and dread to arise. And when the sky is blue we feel a little more at ease right?

Even Thomas and Peter, John the baptist, and hell, all of them, had their moments of doubt and confusion. Assuredly there are many stories unwritten, of the struggle to trust, believe, and hope in God.

We can not compare our lives with Christ to another’s. (Something I’ve been unfortunately good at). Assuming they are not seeking God, praying to Him, “obeying” Him, due to how things may appear.

Just as Jesus said we would have perfect peace if our minds are stayed on Him, He also said there would be tribulation. So He encouraged us, to rest in Him, in order to experience that peace. He never said it would always be easy though; to keep our minds stayed on Him. To not fear, or be anxious. He seemed to understand that this would be the common response. Maybe that is why he encourages us to change our minds so often? We need reminded a lot!

He tells us though, to do seek, do ask, do knock. And maybe you’ll be freed from your prison sooner than later? Or just maybe that thorn will stick around? ..But keep on pressing on! Keep seeking and asking!

To say someone is not relying enough on Jesus and to imply their hearts are not right due to their current experiences and expressions..could be right on, or could be far off.

This is the thing, if you insist they need more Jesus, yet you have many more resources you depend on then they do: therapy, job security, good health care, a stable, positive support system, time to focus on your relationship with God…..I would ask that you at least keep in mind, if you lost many of these things, would your walk with Jesus look the same today?

If you were to deny yourself these things and rely solely on Jesus, would you be overflowing with faith and assurance and show it?

Or are you also not getting enough of Jesus? Are these other things causing you to lean on Him a little less? Or maybe you don’t have to depend on Him like your whole life and that of your children’s depends on it? Maybe the sky is blue for you, or you have an umbrella AND Jesus by your side. β€οΈπŸ€—β›ˆβ˜‚οΈπŸŒˆ

My point is not that one should not use or acquire these beneficial resources if they help. I think Jesus wants us all whole and well more than anything! Thus, if it takes mud and spit in the eyes or just a word, He’s down for it. Or if it’s just a conversation at a well, a meeting in the night, or light from the sky and scales on the eyes..He just wants it to help! He’s all about our wellbeing more than our ways to it.

What I am saying though, is if one relies on outside sources that do help lift particular burdens in life: anxiety, stress, worry.. and then compares their well-being with someone who can not access these things.. though they are proven to be significantly helpful… are they relying on Jesus any more than the other?

Or is it that the burdens they carry have had many more places to go, before having to go to Jesus?

Going to Jesus may look a lot different from person to person, and each person has their own context they are living in. For one, they might be feeling alive and thriving, high off Jesus.. yet unaware of the extra resources they do turn to, to keep them β€œat peace within.”

There is always a context at hand: Jesus was sleeping on the boat, but sweating blood at Gethsemane…. The disciples were panicking on the boat, yet sleeping at Gethsemane…

To whom much is given my friends….

Just a thought

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