Send Whom Lord?

Like the blind beggers they want to silence me. They don’t understand the desperation. The reason for wailing, for my lament.

The hopeless can be so persistent it makes others think different…Jesus, should we shut them up!? They cry out to us, but Jesus’ you don’t need that stuff.

They cry, they moan, like madmen..we are sick of them. Lock them up. Leave them to the world, they are not worth us…

Jesus shall we hush them…silence them..because they don’t relent..they come again…Jesus…let me keep them back…from hindering you any longer. I can’t handle it.

We have a temple to build, our own to feed, we don’t have enough..only you..only me…their screams we must silence ..they drive us nuts…

They are products of their own choices, begging sinners, would you just look at them! Lord let us lock ourselves …away from we can’t hear…so we can’t see…let’s stay wtihin…

Jesus, Jesus, let us shut them up…they give us anxiety, they make us cringe. It is so much easier God, to forget, to just pray, to sit and hope.. that someone else comes to rescue them.

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