The Name of Jesus is an Action… not bound by language, interpretation, nor definition. No proper articulation, other than representation…

If more than anything, Jesus was showing us how to commune with both God and fellow man.

How to broaden our narrow horizons of self and affiliations..and BE love.

He was showing us how to get out of our heads and into our hearts. How to live again.

He emphasized the importance of relationships. Acceptance of the other; even our personal it for legitimate reasons or mere avoidance of, due to the wear and tear it may exact upon ones nerves lol. (We all have an “enemy”, one we struggle to accept completely).

He proclaimed the Kingdom to the poor, the most disadvantaged, stigmatized, demonized, and oppressed by empire and religion.

He lectured in the 🕍, but dined in the streets. He cleared out the temple, and then took residence with the least.

He took His time to preach, but He lived life with those most lonely. Hungry for more than just something….

We have fed people parables, but left them without a King. They can critique, read, and meet… yet do they hear Him speak?

No more mouth pieces, lead them straight to the Stream.

Show and teach them to act out sacrificial love again, don’t give them empty beliefs.

Flee those youthful lusts, including power, popularity, and prestige. Consider Jesus, your crucified King.

Feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, reach the hurting, heal the land again. Why must you keep it in? Close to your hip again?

I sit WITH them, I SIT with them. They stop and stare, ask why am I there, with THEM..

He says.. don’t you see they know their need, they’ve begged and pleaded..they told you they were desperate, they were hurting ..lost and still searching…

In your upmost sincerity’s, you gave them what you thought that they needed: showed up, spent enough, answers to questions that they’d been vexed with…

But you fail to give them intimacy: forget all the gifts, the classes, the studies. Stop all the gatherings of chattering and discussions of topics that you and these all have in common…

What is the point when the lost are still out on stormy seas? How do you differentiate who deserves what sum of your savings, that you’ve set up for His names sake..?

People are lost, internally dying for someone to find them..they’re blind and left crying .. as you reject and deny them..To difficult to live real life with..

Leave them in the tombs with the mad men…

Feed them to the wolves, let the world continue to ravage them…

Who’s to say who is reached, restored, healed, freed, released, provided, heard, delivered, sheltered from all weather?

I’ll tell you one thing, to do something in MY name.. is practiced more in essence.. than it is spoken like we teach.

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