Today: Heaven is…(need to edit still)

The Kingdom of Heaven, starts with YOU. You see, that mustard seed, that grain of YOU.

We want to see the harvest. We want to see the progress. We want to reach the masses, not realizing..death is in letting go..of all those expectations and ego boosters.

That seed(beginning/new way/new life) is first buried. Unseen. Its work and effort only God can unearth(perceive).

We as the seed, appear to be the smallest of all. Everyone sees and ponders the tree, it’s branches, its shelter, its shade. Everyone is “touched” by it.

But only the planter handles the seed. The beginning..of something new: a new way of seeing, living, being, producing….fruit after it’s own kind.

Our struggle to die to self may appear insignificant to us, and others may not know to praise our unseen toil..

But that is ultimately how the Kingdom of heaven works: That seed will grow, roots, a trunk and branches will form…and people from all over will benefit from the fruit of..

The Kingdom of Heaven starts with YOU. Being planted by the Planter. Dying, in order to bring new life. You will touch and reach a small portion..those given to be a part of your life, those in your immediate circle..that you are near enough to “touch”…

And they being touched and changed through the new life in you, will then go on to do the same…producing more and more fruitful lives…slowly shaping..what the Kingdom of God was meant to look like.

Just don’t think it is suppose to be loud..make a lot of noise…to cause a scene..attract attention…stir a ruckus

The Kingdom of Heaven is not so…

But like a tiny seed, unseen…buried in the ground….allowing the slow formation of something much greater than itself to take shape.. time must mature ….to be fit to endure, the weathering of time…

And we, the seed… need submit to the burying…and learn to be quite OK, with only being..just that small, seemingly, insignificant tiny tiny, little seed…

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