Reincarnate it..or Put an End to it

No one’s to blame. It’s a cycle. A cycle of brokenness.

Sin is it. The enemy to us. Not another.

The way to conquer sin, is through love. The power of self-sacrificial, self-denying, all accepting, adopting, unrelenting, merciful love.

Christ like love. Laying down myself for someone else.

I can’t change the world. At least not in the sense that most of us crave. Instant fame, a great accomplishment that gives us recognition and appraisal.

I can’t be a big deal.

My family cycle has been wrecked with addiction, abuse, fear, despair, restlessness. It’s like a plague. Like the “generational curses”, we churched-up enough, know all to well about.

And it’s no ones fault but sins. Not mine, my parents, their parents..etc.

It’s the consequences of a lack of love.

Self denying, worth inducing, value producing, inherently identified with and knowing it…agape love. Christ like, all healing, restoring, rebuilding, redeeming, forgiving, serving, other- minded selfless love.

Love lived out the best we can at the moment…

This is what stops the cycle.

Subdues the violence.

Frees hearts and minds..then

Ultimately changes minds (repentance).

One at a time….

But someone, has to be that example. Someone has to break the chain. See sin for what it really is: not some lack of moral perfection; and it’s not all about what is and isn’t done…this way or that.

Sin is selfish choices that lead to pain, harm, distress, turbulence, destruction, name it…to oneself or another.

Sin is what corrupts. Be it pride, our own self importance and self centeredness, while others suffer or could use our help. It is choosing I over them. Or I over we.

It is the pervasive lie, that I am what matters and being unwilling to ease the burden of another when it is in your power to do so.

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