Clear Out..In and Out

Clutter clutter, clear out the clutter

All this stuff, does also drug ya

Clutter clutter, I did not stutter

Numb ya, dumb ya…clutter clutter

Pointing at the next man..with the…. brown paper bag man

You high, rocked to sleep, unaware of your own damn addictions.. puff puff drag drag

Clutter clutter.

Consume and It’ll make ya something… blind, deaf, brainwashed and empty as the others you been watching n judging

High high mind controlled by..toxic shit….intoxicated and dope sick off nothingness

Drowning in your own shallowness

Feigning for more of what’s got all these chics self obsessed and chasing false happiness and

Clutter clutter, indulge, feed the hunger…dope ya…numb ya

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