You Cry, “Stop the  Violence!” Yet What are YOU Gonna do About it?

You say, “make a change”; but where are you participating? With more than a voice?


I can tell you now, that the majority of violent crimes are committed by overwhelmed, misunderstood, lost and hopeless, misguided individuals.

And I can tell you with confidence, that most every single one of those above said individuals, at the time in their lives when they needed direction the most: a leader, a guide, a hand that wasn’t revolvin;..they were in their own innocent ways at that very time, asking for it…

Longing, hoping and hungry for it.

But we aren’t taught to listen for such…

We are only shown how to pick up the pieces once the damage has been done.

At least where I am from.

Predominantly males raised by single mothers without a good fatherly figure or consistent support system; are who we find many times behind the violence.

Victims of another system…

And that being..single motherhood.

Single motherhood means that only one person must work, provide, and manage house and home typically. All decisions, questions, answers, duties are hers. And at the same time, she is the only one available, to give her child(ren) the attention that one rightfully needs and deserves. …for healthy emotions, mindsets, know.

And many times, she must choose between the two: work and duty must go on, and the kids are left to figure life out. Or she must half ass it all. And that also is dependent on her own mental and emotional health; stressed out people tend to choose unhealthy habits that contribute to more instability..

She is sole everything in most circumstances. And that is a heavy load, that can also weigh down all in her care.

That woman is strained. Patience wears thin. And she has no more to give.

The male(female too)youth raised by single mothers are left looking for identity..a place. Mom is too busy at times to be everything. To have, and to find, and to be an/the answer at all times.


Yes, they cry for peace in the streets…hands high, fingers point, they wave. They gather, stand on their platforms, bow thier heads and they pray. Try to pray it away…

Yet you who accuse and cry “violence, violence, abuse abuse”!! are many times, the last one to step inside the broken lives of the lonely lives, that are left lost and looking for truth.

It has been wisely stated that, “crime is not fixed in the electric chair, but the high chair”, I will agree this to be true.


So, don’t raise your voice within your city streets, or share your posts for love and pleas for peace…where all eyes can see..

If at first you don’t go plant tiny seeds, deep beneath..the hearts of young boys and even girls too, that need to be seen for more than their poverty, poor choices, and family tree.

Change your own mentality, and start with one child you see!!!!!!!

Stop searching for publicity!

Find that mom who can’t keep, her head on straight due to so much shit that stacks her plate.

Shut-up and BE the relief.

Cause the peace.

Change a life…I say…one little life..I pray

THAT is how real change is made…

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