I was having a moment of self pity yesterday; as I tried to get the house clean while my toddler demolished it all right behind me again..

What was just set right..thrown unsympathetically into disarray again.

Nothing new right?

And as I got lost in that moment;that “whoa is me and my mundane life!”…the never ending picking up after everyone’s mess…moment

The, “it’s never done!” complaint so common in my head.

There, God I do believe it was, gently spoke to me….

“This is what grace is.”

A following behind, going with us, living amongst it…servant hood.

Always cleaning up after us, yet still loving us..

..and yet, not like us, when it comes to the continual patience and steadiness with which He does it all…

This is grace


In our midst

Living with

Picking up, after us, and setting it all straight again.


And again

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