Meditation, Prayer, Seeking God. Where is He?

Words thus thoughts, are all man-made.

Concepts, concrete, solid shades

Seek to be Spirit filled, led and bathed

For from the soul, the path is paved

Energy of love, of hope, of peace

Real realities are felt, not seen.

Breathed, exhaled experienced..unachieved.

Eternal beings, on dusty feet.

Walk in Spirit and in Truth; and From fear and pride, stray far and wide

In the cry of child, the moment in wild, the wind and sea..every living being…

In so many ways…does He thunder, does He speak..

Yet always silent, always whispering

So hush yourselves, and finally see.

Get out your head and be fed


Just stay awhile


Words are words.. Truth is you feel Him, do you sense it?

His living presence?

Feel from your essence .. then don’t rationalize..get out your more questions. too, must be present, to witness His presence.

Let all thoughts fall, and deep onto deep call to you.. follow your soul into the silence and wait there.

He’s present here

Where words fail to explain, and man’s thoughts if it all finally subside.

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