What is Your Cross?

When we look at the crux of the Gospel and what Jesus taught we can see how it is profoundly simple, yet challenging.

To just love.

Have we taught that? Learned that?

If it’s not all about the “law”, but love, what does that look and sound like? And how are we acting on law, rather than love?

You see, Jesus assaulted our ego and challenged our self centeredness like no other. He asks us to die to ourselves. To put the other first.

To count all earthly desires and regard all the worlds riches and possessions as nothing; and consider the person right there in front of you.

To help the stranger. To not pass by the one in need, even on your way to worship(the Good Samaritan).

To pick up your cross and go the extra mile with even your enemy. And it does not have to be an enemy in a literal since. But think of someone you struggle to love. Someone that just pushes your buttons or “crucifies” your flesh in a sense.

To see the least of these and invite THEM to your table, not always those you only would like there.

To serve



Lay down YOUR life…

Is this meant to be comfortable? Easy?

Well no! What is counting the cost, dying daily, loving an enemy and showing mercy and grace suppose to feel like?

What does Jesus willingly lying down His life while those that despised Him nail him to a cross symbolize to us?

And He did it for them!!

This calling was definitely not meant to be comfortable and self-serving. It confronts ALL that.

Wisdom from above….not our earthly, human like ideas of love.

So why do we still choose law? Over love?

Why do we refuse to go the extra mile or “give it all away”, whatever that may look like to us?

Why do we retreat just when things start to ask too much of us? To remain inside with those that keep us at ease?

Why do we justify passing by the beaten and bruised; be it physically, mentally, or spiritually?

Why do we label people? Toxic? Unwilling? Like leper’s you mean? Untouchables?

To justify our reasons to not die to self on behalf of them? Does it hurt too much?

Why do we still choose self? Why don’t we surrender like Jesus? Carry our cross, count the cost, stretch out our arms, and let them crucify all that is self-serving in us?

Why won’t we choose love, over law?

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