Life, Light and Love.

Does it give life?




Shed warm, revealing, gentle light?

Are the followers of any particular path fostering life, light, and love?

Are they moving more and more towards it?

Are they at peace, is it easy to be in their presence? What do their words and lifestyles speak of?

Are they moving toward wholeness, is a sweet restfulness found in their demeanour?

God is a restorer. He creates order. He is a healer. He brings peace and freedom.

A refreshing river.

A soothing sun, He is.

Just observe people. Belief systems.

Who and how are they?

You see anything of wicked origin or something that is not ultimately making one whole, will kill.

Will cause instability.






Dark over Light.

Not that as humans we don’t all go through seasons. We all fall, struggle and fail. But how habitual is it? A lifestyle now? Has no change been found?

And change specifically in soul. Material wealth and worldly success are not good indicators of a freed man.

We truly are what we eat. What we give ourselves too. Thoughts included.

I don’t see God being as overly concerned with specifics( as us humankind), as He is with life, light, and love. People becoming freed and made it over and over and over again. But going in a liberating and healing direction for the most part.

I’ve met Muslims and Hindus that exude peace and joy, and Christians and others that are the opposite: a dark cloud of energy, instability, hanging over them..I’ve been there personally. And vice versa to all that.

I know those that swear by love and freedom, but their lives are chaotic. They are not free. There is no easiness or true tranquillity about them.

I’ve met secularists that are so loving and sound in mind and spirit, it comes off them and onto you.

These are symptoms! Manifesting from the spirit realm. We have just become so concerned and preoccupied with “wisdom and doctrine”, we forgot to walk, and listen by the spirit…

Man, you shall know, by their fruit. And it’s not always about deeds. There are many good deeds done by dark, lost, empty hearts. Though good deeds will surely come from someone on the right path, that don’t mean deeds also can’t be counterfeit and done with wrong intent.

And, if you, like myself feel that you are producing more rotten fruit lately: your mind’s a mess, your impatient, fearful, thinking wrong about others….Then maybe it’s time to check the rivers we’re drinking from and swimming in. And the light or lack there of, that we have been letting in.

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