I don’t Know What This Is

God, often I wonder what you think of me,

Cuz I know what I think of me.

And lately I’ve been fighting, some demons and it’s frightening.

Too much thinking in the night time,

in the morning nothing looks right.

Legendary Abstract

Who’s to say? She’s all that!

Broken homes, too many fights

Booze and bands to drown the noise.

Imaginary escapades, high off life.. themz wuz the timez.

Always been haunted

More problems, off my rocker..too much chronic.

Angry fits and nights of sobbing.

Oh to tame the thing that inflicts this pain! I’d be a poor man on the streets, and cherish only the sense of peace.

Little girl dreams of fairy tales

Lost me long ago, scraped knees, I bleed, can’t reach, I sink

Down to the bottommmmmm

Where everything’s toxic.

Egocentric content…until I’m hit with humble rockets..

down to the bottommmm….

It makes you appreciate the nonsense.

God here I am again, tripping off adrenaline, ADHD rant again, speaking from my heart within, it beat beat beats a rythm….free me free me from my sense of it…..

God what do you think of me, when you see all of me? Do you see my honesty and authenticity?

Or am I likewise deceived?

What do you see in me that keeps my mind on thee…

Wrecked and jaded, disillusioned and over it

Don’t know what my focus is

You see me standing in my ruins,

Deep stinking pile of πŸ’©

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