Does God Want us Whole or Adherents?

As I sat here praying, I asked God what He felt about my interest in other spiritual leaders. Some of whom my old self would have considered heretical or wolves in sheep’s clothing. Was it dangerous to my soul? Am I being led astray, along a winding path toward hell? Or is there also truth, in these people’s hearts and lessons?

People that are out here offering hope, healing, freedom, their care and compassion; yet under different labels and names. Is the Spirit of Christ at work there too?

Am I to avoid them?

What are words anyway? But our own way to describe something?

What about essence? Love? The principles and “truths” that transcend our filters?

The answer that came was an image: It was Jesus in the temple with the crippled, and He was healing on the Sabbath.

And the meaning I took from this, was how the leaders did not want the people healed outside of their own beliefs and ideas of what that should look like.

It wasn’t the people or that people got healed that they cared about, it was logistics, pride, fear, power, rules and regulations that came first. A system had to be adhered to, and stipulations met.

I felt Him asking me, when it came to my question, whether people were being made whole? Were people finding freedom from their oppression? Was harm being done?

Did it ultimately lead lost souls home? And where was home, but where He was? In love, peace, new life, and restoration.

There are many things we aught to avoid. The spirit world is vast and I believe there are demonic entities at work..something. We should have wisdom and avoid extremes; but there are also things we outright reject, due to our own beliefs..without second guessing if our own beliefs are on solid rock or sinking sand.

We take great pride and defend our truth claims without fairness. We are right and they are already wrong. Without really asking, if we could be limiting God? Where are we wrong?

I’ve met Buddhists and Hindus that just exuded peace, love, joy, patience( fruit of the Spirit); and professors of Christ who were so materialist, arrogant, and self consumed that I had to really ask myself, who really was embodying Christ?

Who was following Him? And did He care more about logistics or essence?

It’s more complicated than we make it out to be. Our pursuit of truth. Yet more simple thn we could imagine.

Love wins

Isaiah 61 and 1. He comes to set prisoners free…

Pure and undefiled religion is this…

Maybe our focus and pursuit is not as Kingdom minded as we thought or were taught? And when Jesus said seek first His Kingdom, what does that look like, here on earth?

Healing on the Sabbath maybe?

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