Me on a Thinking Tangent: Nothing New.

I have grown and learned more from struggle, than anything else in life. This is the paradox of suffering and want.

It has made me more humane.

It has forged within me more compassion and gratefulness, than any fine thing.

It has opened my eyes to what really matters, and what things are just not worth my time.

It has taken from me plenty; but with the right awareness, it has given back so much more.

There is a peace, a contentment, in all things simple now.

Hungering for too much, can create compulsion for the unnecessary. Making one later believe that the unnecessary, is now very much necessary.

Fueling the angst and anxiety for more…

The important things I once neglected: quality time with others, feeding my soul, becoming aware of the awe that can be found in the basic elements of life around me; now have room to enter…to speak.

I see and hear life more clearly and vividly.

For the things that once cluttered my life before, have been stripped away. One by one. And when you are stripped down to bare necessity..the facade of “it all” and all they say I should chase after, become far less attractive.

And the experience of freedom you gain, from no longer craving these things is immense!

To no longer feel a need for a thing I can’t explain.

Building no barns for excess, is actually like a cleansing in it’s own sense.

You sit and enjoy.

You rest.

You breathe.

Some have said that letting go is always where you really find abundant life…not grasping for more.

Being in the moment, and loving it. Being OK with it. Each and every moment.

It is enough.

The laying down of ego, pride..and being wholly myself. ..bare bones and all..nothing to hide..rain or shine..broke or thriving….just being…and being legit in a world gone fabricated…

Is where I long to be

Liberating my mentality

Freed from the weight of those heavy chains that create heavy souls…

Egocentric narcissism

Having to always tell yourself “I still need more of this”..or “I must keep up” with mere appearances.

Now you must decide for yourself what sin-sickness really is….

I guess it all means, that when you starve off this hunger for things once considered absolutes: beauty, youth, material wealth, peoples approval, power, popularity….etc etc

You find life and meaning.

Just my observations.

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