Just a Little Late Night Rhyming ( My feelings on keeping up with the Janes and Jones)

If I wanted all of that..best believe I’d make it happen

If I needed that …cash is what I’d be after

You see it’s not poverty or depravity that has a hold on me

But I’m after something that transcends all that’s relevant to these earthly chics

I need a little more depth to my step..and ya’ll is super culture-sick..after the same old shit and too anxious to get it

Never satisfied with your piece of the pie, gossip, shopping, club hopping, nail spots and still left feeling like you’re missing it

Never good enough so you gotta numb

Cover up with all that they represent

I chased all of it..and it was nonsense..no sense…never an end

I strive for peace of mind, some b in all that this world is offering



Buying in

To all their consumer..ism


Spend ing

Barbie and Ken

Head to foot

Plastic Fanatics

Trips and envy

While the world is waging

War and it’s slaves Be

Everyone whose suited up

In their uniforms that they sold thee

Wrinkle free

New headpiece

Keeping up with all that’s trending

Tempting you to keep being

Everything they say you should be

Get on your knees an bow to he..consumer king


Thoughtless zombies

As long as you are seen to be..better than he or she

Fake ass rich..get lifted

I sold my soul to serenity

Freedom beyond all this running

Up up beyond all your stunting

Asking me to be anything and everything that aint me

Here I am

Monk it up as I breathe in and let go

Heidi Heidi Hee Hoe!

Killing off my ego

Rebelling against the status quo

Of all the grasping for all that’s not lasting

Sweet steady flow

Finding meaning in these small details

Things that aren’t going to be found amidst the juggling.. I had to be derailed

It’s very satisfying away from the city lights..crying out for my every night

Off..dim those lights

False lives

Asking me to take another drink..indulge in every bite..American pie…look fly..look nice..



Living for opinions

No one’s really listening

They’d rather watch Springer and Povich..

Signs of the times..


I Vomit

I exhale

I partake of what now gets my soul..my mind..whole.. well

Swell( haha)

Drama free

No need

When your time is spent on living



Rest from the mess



None of this

Will matter much

When you are covered up

With earth and dust

Fill your cup

With just enough


What really is


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