My Time Capsule: 9-19-2013

I want to measure your stature, from within…what things are in your heart?

What do you see within others, when you look deep enough to even try to perceive what lays beneath?

I no longer want to stay focused on what only my eyes can see…I want to adjust my vision so that it can accurately get a glimpse in…

No more sticking to the surface..the outward appearance..that serves me no purpose

Whether it gets much attention, or no one takes a second look in your direction..I am not looking for someone with a perfect reflection.

For an ego and a head held too high for the wrong me..consists of no progression..

So find me with the feeble minded in self-centered recession.

From here on out. i will find beauty within the heart..far apart from what others give high recognition…

Within is where I will find your definition..what I have been missing

From my own vain get what the world deems “fit”…

I quit

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