Shark Attacks and Poverty

Am I wrong for being pissed off and resentful for the news covering anything but real life most the time?

Like for months I’ve heard stories of people ate by sharks and those who’ve died ontop mountains…attacked by wild animals..

And this is sad. These are peoples lives…people matter..all people.

But these are people that knew the risks and took them. And we classify these as the tragedies to be most aware of?

People are dying….all over the world. Many many are dying of things not brought on by their own thirst for adventure: children, those burdened by mental illness, homeless veterans…

Like real life tragedies caused by others or things out of their control…

I don’t know how many stories I’ve heard of lives lost brought on by one’s own need to be extravagant…(I’m exaggerating to make a point)….

But as always..those dying real deaths..slow deaths..everyday deaths..those that are crying for an escape from their type of death..those stories are few and far between… the big news at least

Oh consumerism…

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