World: Asking Me..for More than I have to give.

I’m so tired of all these voices(nouns), asking something of me.

I have nothing to give, be gone from me.

I go to seek rest..and you come looking for me.

There is no where to hide, here you come expecting more from me.

I attempt to muffle your cries, but there is no smothering thee.

I sprint, I leap, exhaust all of my energy; yet you follow behind..heckling me.

So I get angry, I stand tall, I spill like fury..all of the pain inside that wasn’t able to find..a place for this mind to unwind.

You come, you don’t go, and you come back again.

I fight, I scream, I cry…just so tantrum like .

This energy has no place to escape.. And when I dare to evade your soul devouring claims…

To my every waking hour, day, mental, emotional, and physical hound me more..predatory type.

So demanding..advancing..if I don’t give, you take…always wanting, never thinking of my inability to obtain..any more energy to sustain..your hunger for all I have…and have not


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