This Kind of Tired.

This is the kind of tired that lays down in a ball and can’t get up..

That has no more energy to think…to function…to keep up with it all..

This is a kind of tired that gives up caring…that gives up

This is the kind of tired that have sent many to end their own misery..

The kind that no longer cares about what others think..that stops attempting to let anyone know you really are in need….

This is the kind of tired that loses hope…

That has waited on Jesus to leave the 99…but He has not yet came. Maybe the 99 are also this broken? This distressed? SOS!!!!!

Maybe He’s waiting for me to be even more broken?

Maybe I’ve missed Him? Expecting Him to work through so and so…looking for Him in the temple though…and all along He was with me..He just looked and sounded very different……He was with the broken..and I missed Him…

The kind of tired that let’s go…

That gives up on rescue..


The kind that has tried for far too long to get people to comprehend it…the misery deep beneath what they see…

But they see you possibly, as too much..too broken for their remedies…too much to take on when they likewise have so many maladies..

This is the kind of tired that finally shuts up..that finally goes silent…that is tired..tired..tired….. expiring.

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