Lord, I am tired of all the voices. All the he said she said. All the “opinions” and “facts”. I still haven’t a clue because the voices are so different. They cannot agree. They speak of only their differences from the other..why they are right..and they are wrong. There is no soundness..they all are confused.

..Pretend you were deaf, consider being blind. Now there are no things to see…and no reasonings to hear. The voices are silenced, the opinions unseen. What now do you know? What now must you consider? What says your heart? Where goes the soul for direction?

Lord, I guess inside. But people have said we are not to trust our hearts..and that our feelings are a curse. Run far from yourself..you are not your best guide.

…I tell you though..don’t trust material things that don’t represent essence. Don’t confuse the heart with the Spirit, neither soul with one’s emotions..and don’t give credit to mind..when I’ve given you all an eternal soul inside…for when all the voices are stifled and the sight shut tight

…The deaf and blind cannot use what was given to interpret things found here on Earth..at least not through the means we glorify..Knowing by what is seen and heard.. …they are more in-tune with this deeper sense, of what really leads..what really guides. They have relied more on this source than they who do hear and trust their sight..

…See human kind has always called what’s least..greatest..and what’s less..best…they have stigmatized what’s really life…they have traded the truth for many lies..

..The deaf and blind are indeed considered handicap…yet those who see themselves as whole..are really blind.

….I give every man..an internal guide. What makes sense to all mankind..when they sit and consider it…it does not take ears to hear or eyes to see..of an earthly kind…all the learning, diverting, comparing and contrasting …lies lies lies. I gave you all what you need to find freedom from what’s become of…sin redefined

…It is the mind that tricks you…that says these ears and these eyes are what gets us eternal life..that leads us toward heavens heights…

…I will say it again, My Kingdom IS within. Not in written pen, or learnt from study by many many men..it’s alive! ..within within..within. Been here ever since..guiding lives..since before time…all can be known…when asked what’s really right?

…But no one pauses, not even for a moment..to wait and see..to be stilled and hear. They are in constant motion..go go go going.

..It’s not seen nor heard..yet it is seen and heard..available to all men…if they gave up whatever they’ve seen and heard here in earth..and REALLY believed..in Spirit and truth…

..no not truth seen or heard…told or taught…but common truth. My Spirit..that can and is found within….listen

…Close your eyes and let the voices subside….I speak I move…but of another kind. Don’t believe the lie..that says I am outside..to be learned and known..by men’s so many differences…in opinions opinions opinions!

..I’m transcendent..I am above and beyond all thought and comprehension. All suggestion and opinion. Life itself if you really wanted to believe in it…

..I am Spirit..but you still want to limit…bind me to earth..chained to men’s minds and divisions…

It is not who some think, that have abandoned Living water for empty cisterns..it’s never the other … But it was you all along who needed the Vision….

…What is all common to men…be still…just listen…see…but really see..what really is.

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